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Your system may slow down over time due to prolonged usage as virtual trash gets accumulated on it. You might notice significant decrease in system speed, too many programs running at system startup, registry errors, runtime error messages, sudden crashes, malware infections and general instability problems which badly affect PC performance. These problems arise as we do not pay attention to registry errors, system infections and clutter that collects on the hard disk.


Often, we don’t clean up the registry, malware infections, or clutter on our systems as doing so manually may create other PC problems. However, we need to fix all such PC errors to improve system performance. A smart way to fix these errors automatically is by using a system utility tool that can efficiently do the cleaning. Advanced PC Cleanup software helps repair registry errors, removing malware infections, cleaning junk files and boosts system speed. download here

Ways to repair PC errors
With sound technical knowledge, anyone can fix Windows problems, but doing so manually is difficult for the novice user as a single mistake can make the PC non-functional. Therefore, seeking help of a technician to fix and detect such issues is a smart choice to avoid facing complete system or hardware crash. Manual cleaning involves risk and accidental deletion of any file may lead to complete system failure. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it is advisable to use special cleaning software. Fixing done by such software is always safe as most important Windows and system files are excluded from getting scanned. Also, a backup is created as a safety measure before cleaning or fixing errors so that it can be easily restored, if needed.

Safe way to fix PC errors:
Step 1: Click here to download the PC Cleaner Tool
Step 2: Run the application
Step 3: Click the "Start Scan Now" button to detect errors
Step 4: Click the "Clean Now" button to fix the errors
Symptoms of PC errors
The most common symptoms of a laggard PC are frequent system crashes or system freezes. If a system becomes unresponsive while you are working on it or running any application, it’s clear that your system needs some repair work. Your system may suffer from frequent system shutdowns, random reboots (not initiated by the user), various error messages or BSOD ("blue screen of death" or the "STOP Error"). These are serious problems that shouldn’t be overlooked. All of these signs indicate that your PC needs immediate attention and should be repaired as soon as possible.
Causes of PC errors
System errors occur due to invalid and residual registry entries, presence of malware or even due to large number of junk files present on the system. Such errors also occur when Windows update or a system process is aborted mid-way, due to which system files may get corrupted. In addition, malware attacks, untrusted software installations, and manual attempts to clean registry errors also contribute towards PC errors.
PC Cleaner Tool


Step 1:
Download the PC Cleaner Tool
Step 2:
Run and save the application
Step 3:
Click the "Start Scan Now" button to detect errors
Step 4:
Click the "Clean Now" button to fix the errors
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Advanced PC Cleanup
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Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Advanced PC Cleanup finds and fixes registry issues, malware infections, unwanted pop up and junk files that slows down the PC and affects its performance.